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About Dr. Neema Moore, DC

Dr. Neema Tillery Moore is a luminary in the field of chiropractic care and women's empowerment, blending her deep medical knowledge with a passionate commitment to enhancing the lives of women around the globe. Her pioneering "Confidence NOW" program and the corresponding book, which has achieved Amazon Best Seller status, serve as powerful tools in her mission to empower women to overcome obstacles and achieve their fullest potential.


As the CEO and owner of Wellness Within Chiropractic, Dr. Moore's approach to patient care is holistic and personalized, reflecting her belief in the interconnectedness of physical health and personal well-being. Her professional journey is marked by significant achievements and a relentless pursuit of excellence, demonstrated by her comprehensive training in various chiropractic techniques and her impactful volunteer work.

Beyond her clinical practice, Dr. Moore's influence extends through her authorship, where she shares her insights and strategies for building confidence and navigating life's challenges. Her luxury retreats and workshops offer immersive experiences that foster personal growth, leadership skills, and business acumen among professional women, creating a supportive community dedicated to mutual success.


Dr. Moore's educational background, with a Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic and a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Secondary Education from Elizabeth City State University, lays the foundation for her holistic approach to health and empowerment. Her involvement in esteemed organizations, including the Palmer Student Alumni Foundation, Student International Chiropractic Association, Michigan Chiropractic Association, and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., underscores her commitment to professional development and community service.


Residing in Northern Virginia with her husband and their boy/girl twins, Dr. Moore embodies the principles she advocates, finding joy in biking, travel, and the continuous pursuit of knowledge. Her life and work are a testament to her dedication to improving the lives of women, making her a true pioneer in chiropractic care and beyond.

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